Our Services include:

  • It consulting

  • Custom PC, Tower, Laptop, Mac build - tell us your require

  • PC, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, iOS, Tablet, iPad Technical Support, Repair, Troubleshooting, Setup, Installation

  • Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android OS, Ubuntu, Modem, Router, Servers, TV, Setup, Installation, Guide

  • Custom Website Designing and Maintenance for Individual and Businesses

  • Google Search Engine Optimizations (also Bing and other search providers)

  • Training, Tutoring, System Security Testing, Wired, Wireless Networking

  • Hardware Upgrades / Installation, Software Upgrades, Installation

  • Operating System Updates, Zoom, Google G Suite, Microsoft Azure, VMware

  • TeamViewer, Log Me in, Remote help, remote assistance

  • Anti-Virus Installation, Malware, Adware Removal

  • Security and Surveillance system, monitoring installation and set up

  • Motherboard, hard drive, SSD, HDD, NVMe Upgrades, Replacement

  • Memory Upgrades

  • Spam Calls, Emails block

  • Out of Warranty Repairs

  • All files, documents and media backup and restore and more

Looking to buy a new Computer (PC, Mac)?

Need a new PC for your home or business?

We can help. Provide us with details of what you intend to use the computer, laptop or other media device for and we will get back to you with the best solution for your need.

Is Upgrading too much hassle? Windows 10 feels complicated? Want an improved Windows user experience? Do you wish Microsoft kept features from Windows 7 in their new OS? Coming from Mac, or want to move to MacOS? Sync issues? We provide unified user experience for both PCs & Macs users. After over 500+ hours of R&D we have created a simplified UI for MacOS and Windows Users to make their PC Experience a simplified, unified and intuitive one.

Give us a call today to find out more!


Keep your PC/Mac - maybe hardware/software upgrade is all you need

No, you do not need a new Computer!

If you have a computer (PC, Mac) from 2012 or later that you have retired or are thinking of retiring because it’s just too slow and you are having too many issues. Chances are, depending upon what you use the computer for, we can optimize it’s performance to suit all your needs for fraction of the cost of buying a new machine. Even if you have a machine that you purchased this year or just a few years back and you are having issues we can resolve it for you; quickly and efficiently.

Do not fall for services that try to help you over the phone or log-in remotely to “clean up” your PC. Quite often they will charge you a lot and your machine will slow down and you’ll be back to where you began in few weeks to months.

Our solutions often require some hardware upgrades paired with Software Optimizations. Most of our solutions are permanent and your computer will be running faster for years. We try to get the best hardware to optimize your computer so you can enjoy sustained improved performance. Our solutions come with 12 months of complimentary services. Most of our hardware upgrades come with 3-5 years of warranty.

It is through our education in Computer Science, combined with years of experience and R&D, we are happy to say that: give us your worries, your frustrations, your broken PCs and we will give you back an Optimized, Snappy, More Secured Productivity Machine. We inspect your computer for FREE and provide you quotes for the best balance between performance and price. We service your hardware down to CPU, heat sink and fans. Our services come with improved security, privacy and speed. Our Clean Windows Installation package come with 12 months of complimentary follow-up.