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AVLP can help you remotely! All you need is a good internet connection for one of our team member to assist you.

AVLP recommends TeamViewer for remote assistance

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Should I Remove It? is a FREE remover for unwanted programs. It purges your computer of program clutter easily and effectively – letting you quickly locate and remove unwanted software installed in your systems such as adware, toolbars, crapware, bloatware and other junk.


Workspace simplifier

The only way to organize your workspace and boost your productivity.

Microsoft Sticky Notes: Best Notes App for Windows 10

If you’re looking for a simple app that lets you take notes on your Windows 10 computer, Microsoft Sticky Notes is your best bet. Just like the traditional sticky notes, you can use this app to jot down notes and then “stick” them on your desktop.

On top of the old-school way to jot down notes, this free Windows 10 app also has other cool features. For example, you can attach photos to your notes, sync them across all your devices, and transform them into reminders for Cortana, Microsoft’s own virtual assistant. The app can also detect addresses or mobile numbers, so when you tap or click them, a corresponding app will open. For example, when you tap an address on the note, the Maps app will launch.

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