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AVLP Team is dedicated to serving our clients with the best possible service for all their technology need. We strive to stay competitive and ahead of the curve. We solve critical challenges and help individuals, small businesses, not profits and enterprises adopt better technology to discover new possibilities and deliver what matters — safety, quality, security, sustainability and confidence.


Wow! I can't believe all the stuff he knows! And he is very fast! Whenever I have a question of a problem, he is easy to get a hold of and very prompt. He does house and office calls which makes it very handy because I don't have to pack up all my stuff of try to explain what my problem is. He has a great and upbeat attitude.

Jenny Colter

AVLP was soo helpful! They diagnosed my computer in a very timely manner and were so professional and kind. They made a house call too which was so helpful because it was very snowy. And they gave me a loaner computer while I was waiting for my new laptop to ship! It was very helpful and much appreciated because not having a laptop during online school for college doesn’t work so well. Very pleased with their service and will definitely be going to them for all my laptop needs from now on!

Emily Mangus

Happy Computing!