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Has any of this happened to you recently?

  • Is your computer running slow? Crashing?

  • Does it feel like you are watching paint dry every time you have to do something on the computer because it's so slow to open a task?

  • Are you getting annoying pop-ups, and ads every time you are using the PC/internet?

  • Are you experiencing or suspecting Virus/Malware issues?

  • Is your search hijacked? Do you know?

  • Do you get ads every time you try to look up something online? Irrelevant sites come up?

  • Are you trying to search in Google but Bing, Yahoo, "Secure Search" or other unknown search providers are coming up?

  • Are you constantly getting scam calls from people who seem to know your identity? Claiming to be from Microsoft, IRS, etc.?

  • Have you recently fallen victim to a phone call scam where the other person gained access to your computer?

  • Is your inbox full of unsolicited spam emails?

  • Are a lot of pop-ups showing up on your computer when you start it up, or when you’re in the middle of work?

  • Is your PC or Mac out of warranty? Do you have a hardware failure? Broken parts? Accidental liquid spills?

  • Are you looking for data recovery? from a broken drive or a dead computer?

  • Do you have slow internet? Videos always buffering, are you waiting a long time for webpages to load?

  • Have you locked yourself out on your computer or phone and are unable to access your files? Password/Pin not working?

  • Are you concerned about the privacy of your data, and browsing?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, we can help you.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

For our clean installation of Windows 10/11 package we have a checklist of 120+ items that we go through. The checklist is updated regularly, so you can have the best optimized, ad/virus/malware/worry-free user experience.

Yes, Macs can be repaired/upgraded (hardware). We have repaired/upgraded dozens of them (most make/models and made them faster and more optimized than when first purchased/released).

No, most computers sold new are NOT optimized out of the box! Most sold new often have one or more hardware components which are the slowest in the machine affecting the performance of the entire system. This is often done to cut costs and to maximize profits; also to make the end-user buy a new machine sooner. Those slow hardware can be upgraded with much faster components. Sometimes it’s the hard drive or a faulty ram that makes a PC/Mac run too slow. Sometimes it’s the bloatware that comes preinstalled with a newly purchased machine, programs that track your browser activities to target ads, is making it slow. Research shows almost half of all internet traffic is connections to and from ad servers.

Sustainability and reducing our collective carbon footprint while breathing new life and performance into your machine is our mission! You may be pleasantly surprised at the improved performance!

We strive everyday to improve our services so you can have a peace-of-mind experience. Happy Computing!