Managed IT


We provide IT Retainer Services for Small Organizations: 

Unlock Seamless Local Tech Support

Are technical issues bringing your small organization's productivity to a halt? Welcome to our IT Retainer service designed to provide small businesses and non-profits with on-demand access to experienced computer technicians. 

AVLP managed IT for your Business

Our IT Retainer service begins with a thorough onboarding process to address existing tech issues, identify and prevent future problems, offer advice for smoother computing, and provide world-class customer service. We prioritize ensuring your organization's seamless operation.

On a monthly schedule, we conduct in-person check-ins to ensure everything is running smoothly. Our comprehensive checks cover printer maintenance, ink and toner levels, malware infections, and overall computer health. If any concerns arise, we fix them promptly, ensuring a month of problem-free productivity for your entire office. 

On-demand & Emergency Tech Support:

We understand that tech problems can arise unexpectedly. That's why our IT Retainer services include customized tech emergency "buffer hours." Whether it's a minor issue addressed over the phone or a major concern requiring on-site assistance, we're just a call away. Our retainer covers most issues, and in case additional hours are needed, we offer discounted rates. 

For Small Businesses

Ideal for small to medium size local businesses or non-profit organizations with network-connected devices, such as office pcs, laptops, printers, copiers, and a WiFi router. If slow laptops, printing disruptions, or strange computer noises sound familiar, our IT Retainer service is tailored for you. Let us handle the tech side, so your team can focus on what they do best.

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Seamless Onboarding and Proactive Tech Support: Your IT Journey with Us

Embark on a hassle-free tech support journey with our comprehensive IT Retainer services. Here's how we make it work for you:

1. Initial Meeting:

We begin with a sales and onboarding meeting at your office. During this visit, we estimate a mutually agreeable monthly fee based on the lay of the land. Once billing details are sorted, we dive into the onboarding process.

2. Onboarding Process:

Our onboarding process addresses outstanding tech issues and delves into your systems and operating procedures. We talk to your team, gathering insights into common problems and resolving issues on the spot. Simultaneously, we create an internal profile of your office, noting equipment details, commonly used software, and other factors to enhance our efficiency.

3. Monthly Visits:

We commit to monthly visits for preventative maintenance, ensuring printers function optimally, anti-malware software is effective, and all software is up to date. We engage with your team, answering questions, and reminding you of necessary consumables. These visits contribute to pre-paid retainer hours, ensuring a reserve for potential emergencies.

4. Emergency Support:

Tech emergencies can happen, and we're ready. Reach out whenever you need assistance, and we'll swiftly provide solutions. Whether it's a quick phone fix or an on-site visit, we adapt to your needs.

5. Rollover Hours:

Unused pre-paid hours roll over to the next month, offering flexibility. For instance, if February sees minimal usage, those hours can be used in March. In the event of exceeding pre-paid hours, we continue at a discounted hourly rate. If a pattern emerges, we collaboratively adjust the monthly rate for optimal value.

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Tailored Tech Support, Transparent Pricing: AVLP Fee Structure

At AVLP, we understand that organizations come in various sizes and types, so we've designed a flexible fee structure to accommodate your unique needs. Let's break it down:

On-Demand, Out-of-Contract IT help Rates:

Retained Services Rates: 

Retainer Fee Starts from 199/month for Small Businesses & 69/month for Professionals & Individuals

Estimating Retainer Fee:

We calculate the retainer fee by estimating the number of hours your organization is likely to need per month and multiplying it by the hourly rate for your specific type of organization. Accurate estimation is crucial for effective time management, selling appropriate account packages, and ensuring timely service for all clients.

Commitment to Community:

We value long-term, mutually-profitable relationships and prioritize the local economy. Our commitment extends beyond short-term gains, focusing on building trust and delivering quality services.

Tech Emergency "After-Hours Support - 24/7* support":

Each retainer fee includes emergency after-hours supports, including 24/7* remote assistance. These hours can roll over for one month to address unforeseen tech emergencies. However, to maintain fairness among clients, emergency hours will not accumulate indefinitely. We encourage clients to utilize buffer hours for proactive consultations, training sessions, or any tech-related needs, fostering a collaborative and beneficial relationship.

Experience transparent pricing and tailored tech support at AVLP. Contact us to discuss your organization's unique requirements!